Antti Eklund

Dressed for Dinner, the main summer exhibition at the Art House Turku, is a thought-provoking and emotional experience. A collaboration between visual artist Antti Eklund and Estonian jewelry designer Sigrid Kuusk challenges us to reflect on our relationship with farm animals.

The exhibition, which opens to the public on Friday 14 June at 11 am, is the first joint exhibition by Antti Eklund and Sigrid Kuusk. It is also Antti’s first exhibition in Turku and Sigrid’s first international exhibition.  “The exhibition we developed for Art House was finally an opportunity for us to concretize our dream of working together.  Sigrid Kuusk is the most outstanding talent for the international future of Estonian jewelry design.” says Antti Eklund.

Sigrid Kuusk says she has long dreamed of an exhibition where two artists create something meaningful together, sharing the same message through different art forms. “The way our worlds clicked together instantly was amazing. And what the Art House thinks about the meaning of the theme is amazing and speaks of courage and pioneering spirit!”  

Antti’s graphic style and Sigrid’s rather graphic jewelry are impressive. The pop art illustrations offer the opportunity to look at the exhibition either from the superficial way or to reflect on the part of the animal in relation to our way of life. “Art House wants to provide an opportunity to discuss important themes, values and ethics. How we relate to the world around us. The way Antti´s and Sigrid’s works engage in dialogue and invite us to look beyond the surface is very special.”  says Jere Pensikkala, CEO of the Art House.

Antti Eklund is an architect by training and has been Professor of Graphic Design at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Antti is an internationally award-winning designer, known for his work for Alessi and Marimekko, among others.

Sigrid Kuusk has been designing jewelry for her own brand since 2016. Her aim is to create surprising, attention-grabbing, durable jewelry, handcrafted in Estonia. Sigrid is a multi-talented artist who is also known as an art photographer. Her sculptural art is on display for the first time at the Art House Turku. 

The exhibition is open daily from 14.6.-4.8.2024 from 11-18, excluding Midsummer Day 21.-23.6.2024.

The artist Antti Eklund will be present at the exhibition from 27.6. on Thursdays and Saturdays from 14-15.

More information:

Jere Pensikkala, toimitusjohtaja, Taiteen talo +358 44 907 5876 /
Sissi Silván, +358 40 560 28 88 /
Antti Eklund, +358 40 538 3241 /
Sigrid Kuusk, +372 5346 0423/