The first school year at Kideko, the architecture and design school for children and young people in Turku, has ended. The new academic year starts on Tuesday 27.8.2024 in new facilities in the inspiring surroundings of the Art House Turku.

At Kideko (kid + eko), the practice of architecture and design is goal-oriented and long-term. Learning takes place through construction and design, using leftover and recycled materials. The emphasis is on creative problem solving, human and environmental well-being, and the designer’s responsibility towards people and the environment.

KIDEKO (kid + eko) provides basic art education for children and young people aged 7-15, following the general curriculum of architecture. The school’s curriculum is approved by the City of Turku Cultural Board. The school’s headmistress, Outi Puro, is delighted with the new, more spacious premises at the House of Arts, not only because they allow for more versatile construction in teaching, but also because parents can also spend time there. While your child is busy at the Art House Turku, you can spend time exploring the exhibition or spend a quiet moment at Café Elephanten.

The school year is divided into the autumn and spring terms, with a total of 30 lessons. Classes at Kideko are kept small and places are filled on a first come, first served basis.


  1. Through ZERO WASTE thinking, we train to design in a way that is kind to the environment and to people
  2. Build and design products and creations from recycled and natural materials, in a responsible way
  3. Joyful creative problem solving skills
  4. In addition to basic architecture courses, Kideko also offers specialised courses for older students
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