The main exhibition of the Art House Turku summer 2024 will be Dressed for Dinner, an art collaboration between visual artist Antti Eklund and Estonian jewelry artist Sigrid Kuusk. Dressed for Dinner is a colorful spread of farm animals. An international art collaboration between visual artist Antti Eklund and jewelry artist Sigrid Kuusk also questions our values ​​through the means of art.

Why this theme, Antti Eklund?
I love animals – especially cows – as well as art that challenges human behavior and values. Production animals are part of a huge industry and an essential part of our survival. Even if production animals exist only to be consumed, their living conditions can always be improved. My skill is visualizing things that help us address problematic issues.

Why Sigrid Kuusk?
It was love at first sight – a mutual appreciation for each other’s creative ability to break conventions.

The exhibition at Art House Turku was finally an opportunity for us to materialize our dream for collaboration. Sigrid Kuusk is the brightest talent for the international future of Estonian jewelry design.

Why Art House Turku?
I have always aimed to start at the top, so my first exhibition in Turku fits well with Art House Turku. Art House Turku is an open-minded and easily approachable platform for meaningful art.

What else is currently happening for you?
In early March, the art exhibition “Path forward needs walking” will open in Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024. Turku, the twin city of Tartu, has lent my largest painting ever from its collections to celebrate this event for six months. “Madness of war ever since Polemos,” was completed at the start of the Ukraine war in 2022.

Simultaneously, an exhibition preview for “Symphony of Power” will open at PoCo, the impressive Pop Art Museum in Tallinn. The full exhibition will launch in November. The exhibit challenges traditional male dominance and showcases young female power.

How is the artist doing right now?
I am dancing on air with happiness as I passionately paint my canvases. I look forward to the moment when my artworks are set free from their confines.

Sigrid Kuusk, what does this cooperation with Antti and the exhibition at Art House Turku mean to you?
Short answer would be: a lot!
This is something I’ve been dreaming about for a long time – an exhibition where two artists create something meaningful together carrying a message through different forms of art in the same place with the same mission.  Antti´s graphic art style and my rather graphic jewelry are a perfect match, and the way our worlds clicked immediately was amazing. The fact that Art House Turku supports our mission is wonderful – it speaks for its bravery and pioneering spirit!

How are you doing right now?
At the very moment I’m hopefully last week pregnant – and I am great! The spirit is high and creativity and willpower are absolutely strong! There is a lot of work ahead and I’m more than eager to do it all! 😀

Jere Pensikkala, why Antti Eklund and Sigrid Kuusk?
We are excited that the main exhibition for the summer 2024 will be Antti´s and Sigrid’s joint exhibition, which highlights an important theme, values, ​​and ethics, which we need to discuss. The visuality of pop art offers the opportunity to look at the exhibition either from the surface or to delve deeper into thinking about what kind of part the animals have in our way of life. What could be a better way to bring up difficult issues for discussion.

The exhibition is open for public daily between 14th June and 4th August, except during Mid-Summer.

There will be public artist meet-ups on Thursdays at 2pm to 3pm. The artist meet-ups are 27.6./ 4.7./ 11.7./ 18.7./ 25.7. ja 1.8.2024.

During the summer there will be multiple concerts and festivals at the Art House courtyard. The updated event calendar of Art House Turku can be found from

More information:
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Antti Eklund, +358 40 538 3241 /