(July 19-20) The multidisciplinary ILMIÖ festival will once again take over the Taiteen talo and Brinkkala neighborhoods. Festival is free entry and filled with a variety of multidisciplinary art and music for all.

At ILMIÖ festival, all forms of art are celebrated; music ranges from dreampop to techno and from folk to rap. Multidisciplinary art can be experienced through video, visual art, performances, workshops, immersive theater and drag.

New program additions include Freshcode and TYEMYY Kellari-lineup, workshops by Poutavirna and Tuftiikki for children and adults, offering activities from planting to machine tufting and sensory moments with clay, as well as the Flora and Fauna festival music school that takes the little ones on an imaginary journey along the Aura River.

ILMIÖ festival has an age limit of 18, but on Saturday from 3 PM to 6 PM, children aged 0-12 accompanied by an adult are also welcome.

At the heart of ILMIÖ festival is community and the joy of participation. This year, ILMIÖ, in collaboration with youth organization Hang Flow ry and community artist Sara Teperi, will create a communal and interactive artwork on the festival fence in Vanha Suurtori. In this communal artwork, young activists from Hang Flow will share their stories and highlight themes important to them through the medium of communal art. During the festival weekend, the audience will also be able to participate in creating the ever-evolving artwork.

ILMIÖ festival will once again fill the heart of Turku’s Old Town with captivating art and a village fair atmosphere on July 19-20, 2024.

For the ILMIÖ festival program schedule and accessibility information, visit: