ILMIÖ festival’s program is updated! The free festival, held in Turku Taiteen talo and Brinkkala courtyards on July 19-20, offers alternatives to the commercial events of the summer, focusing on accessibility and diversity of art and culture. ILMIÖ’s multidisciplinary art program features drag-, queer-, and outsider art, as well as retro vibes.

ILMIÖ believes that culture belongs to everyone. The festival is being developed year by year to be more accessible, through means such as an open call for art program. “Through the open call, we received a large number of proposals from delightfully diverse applicants. This year’s ILMIÖ art program was built on the basis of surprise and a variety of perspectives,” says Fatima Amokrane, the festival’s multidisciplinary art curator and producer.

Ragnar Elnyg

ILMIÖ’s 2024 multidisciplinary art program is a colorful array of the most interesting art of the moment. The themes of the multidisciplinary art range from queerness, outsider art, and art processes to retro audiovisuality. At the festival area, you can experience a drag king performance by artists known as Kiukkupussy and Narri Koira (Havanna Salmela and Katariina Korpela), a performance exploring the learning of different skills by French-born trans/queer artist Ragnar Elnyg, a retrospective video work by outsider art veteran Petri Keckman, works created with a Sega Mega Drive by Ville Färsaaret, and a drum-dance performance combining dance and drumming by Maija Reeta Raumanni and Matias Aaltonen.

Milla Ilkamo

On Saturday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, ILMIÖ also welcomes children under 13 with their adults. For the delight of the youngest family members, the festival will feature children’s band Höpinätötterö, known from Pikku Kakkonen, as well as the super popular TAFF Junior animation screenings.

The festival’s music program has grown by seven names. Indie sensation Pambikallio will arrive at ILMIÖ with new songs, Zangoma will charm with Zambian-Finnish zamrock, and Turku-based jazz promise SILLA will present yet-to-be-released material.


Get to know the artists, partners, and the good vibes on our website and social media. Accessibility information for the festival will be updated on the website throughout the summer.


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