Opening 9.7.2024 at 17–19
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10.7. – 21.7.2024
Mon-Sun 12-18
Open during ILMIÖ 2024 from 12 to 20

The Runsalavariations consists of a body of paintings based on a motif that is situated at a path near the Botanical Garden in Ruissalo island in Turku, where I made regular visits for a year. I made observations of the conditions and the atmosphere prevailing and made photographs of the place. The paintings are based on this material and form a foundation for the individual works that is exhibited at galleria Aski from July 10th to July 21st, 2024.

I have strived to find the poetic and expressive aspects of the motif by treating color and form as separate entities during the painting process. I portray elements of the landscape that I find essential to achieve an atmosphere or something that goes beyond mere representation.

I have reflected on what the banal landscape offers as a painting subject, and what approaches I choose when dealing with varying light and color conditions in the motif.

André Peterdi: Runsala (Sommar), öljy levylle, 90×140 cm, 2024.