Critical Gallery concentrates on presenting socially & politically active contemporary art. The gallery creates space for a critical and versatile examination of problems, challenges, visions and possible futures of human kind, by the means of art and discussion.

Critical Gallery will be opened in Art House Turku, located in the old Rettig tobacco factory, in March. Artists Minna Havukainen, Teemu Mäki and Susanna Vuorio are the founders of the gallery and they are also responsible for the gallery’s exhibition program. The gallery was born out of the desire to create a socially & politically active exhibition and performance space for contemporary art, and from the desire to arouse social discussion — and participate in it.

Critical Gallery presents art, which doesn’t turn its back on everyday life, reality and what’s going on in society. Critical art asks, wonders and suggests: ”What’s really going on? What could the world become? What could we become? What do we want to be? How should we live? What is a good life?”. It encourages us to study social and philosophical topics as open-mindedly as possible, with critical doubt. More about the principles and background of the gallery can be read from the website.

The artists Susanna Vuorio, Minna Havukainen and Teemu Mäki in front of the Critical Gallery, at Art House Turku. Photo: Jaska Poikonen

In 2024, the Critical Gallery presents Finnish and international art from ten different artists and artist groups. The program opens with Teemu Mäki’s exhibition Do You Remember Chechnya? / Muistatko Tšetšenian?. In addition to exhibitions, Critical Gallery also organizes discussions, lectures, performances and film screenings. The exhibition program is on the gallery’s website:

Critical Gallery’s first year has been supported by the Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi and the Varsinais-Suomi Regional Fund of the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The gallery follows the principles of the Arts Promotion Center Finland’s Campaign for Fair Art:

Further information:
Minna Havukainen, visual artist and film director, chairperson of the Critical Gallery Association.  +358 40 7174 603

Critical Gallery: Art House Turku (building C, courtyard),
Nunnankatu 4, 20700 Turku.