The diverse selection of visual art in Art House Turku expands, when Gallery Aski opens its doors on May Day’s Eve!

Gallery Aski is an independent art gallery established by the artists of Art House Turku. The name “Aski”, which, when translated into English, is “Pack”, alludes to the history of the old Rettig tobacco factory and also to the gallery’s compact size. The gallery is operated by an association called Rettigin kuvataiteilijat ry. Situated on the ground floor of Art House Turku, the gallery can be found at Nunnankatu 4 (with entrances from both the courtyard an Nunnankatu). Gallery’s opening exhibition ”Pack open” is a group exhibition showing works from 20 members of the association. Exhibition opening is on May Day’s Eve 30.4.

In its first year of operation, the gallery focuses on presenting exhibitions and artworks by its members, artworks which have been created in the artists’ studios in Art House Turku. The gallery’s exhibitions foster direct engagement between the artist and gallery visitors, and some artists also intend to work in the space or oversee their own exhibitions.

In addition to art exhibitions, the gallery offers intriguing, supplementary programmes: music performances, workshops, performances, and lectures.

In the future, Gallery Aski presents intriguing and moving contemporary art not only from its members but also from a wide range of artists. Gallery presents new and experimental art forms, projects and demos.

”Art House Turku is becoming a center of art and culture and we want to be developing that”, the chairman of the association Mikko Paakkola describes. ”Artist-run gallery brings an interesting and diverse addition to the year-round selection of culture in Art House Turku.
Visual art is an approachable art form. We don’t have an entrance fee nor obligation to buy. We aim to lower the treshold for experiencing art. ”

Gallery Aski publicizes artists and brings new contents to experience. It’s part of an exceptionally diverse oasis of Art House Turku and invites to empathize into art.

Exhibition dates for the year 2024:
1.5. – 12.5. Opening Exhibition “The Pack is open”
15.5. – 26.5. Renja Leino
29.5. – 9.6. Kristina Isaksson
12.6. – 23.6. Paula Suominen
26.6. – 7.7. Lena Kuivisto
10.7. – 21.7. André Peterdi
24.7. – 4.8. Tiina Vainio
7.8. – 18.8. Tuuli Oikkonen
21.8. – 1.9. Annika Dahlsten
4.9. – 15.9. Jarkko Rantanen
18.9. – 29.9. Sini-Meri Hedberg
2.10. – 13.10. Elina Ruohonen
16.10. – 27.10. Reija Palo-oja
30.10. – 10.11. Lilli Haapala
13.11. – 24.11. Jaana Valtari
27.11. – 8.12. Vesa Aaltonen
11.12. – 22.12. Association’s group exhibition

Welcome to the Opening of Gallery Aski on Tuesday 30.4. 14–17 pm.
The Gallery and the exhibition is opened by deputy mayor Elina Rantanen.