The Sounds of South (SOS) festival is an outdoor multicultural event that  celebrates the rich Afro, Latino, and Caribbean cultures through food, dance, and music. The festival is an annual event that takes place at the beautiful Art House Turku Courtyard on July, 13 2024, adding a vibrant and dynamic flavour to the city of Turku.

Our mission is to bring together culture, music and dance enthusiasts to enjoy an energetic ambiance created by talented DJs and artists specializing in the Afro, Latino, and Caribbean music genres. SOS stands out as the premiere festival in Finland dedicated to these genres, showcasing a variety of local and international talents. We take pride in center piecing and providing a platform for established DJs and artists while also offering opportunities for upcoming talents to showcase their skills and gain visibility.

At SOS, attendees can indulge their taste buds with a diverse array of African and South American delicacies from our curated selection of local and international food vendors. The festival is fast becoming a melting pot, attracting participants from diverse nationalities and countries.

The 2023 inaugural edition saw a massive turnout of participants not only from Turku but also from various parts of Finland and beyond, including Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, and the USA, reflecting the festival’s universal appeal.